Study MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students

Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti. The capital, Tbilisi, is known for the diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town. Georgian Lari is the official currency of Georgia.


The climate of Georgia is extremely diverse, considering the nation’s small size. There are two main climatic zones, roughly corresponding to the eastern and western parts of the country. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range plays an important role in moderating Georgia’s climate and protects the nation from the penetration of colder air masses from the north. The Lesser Caucasus Mountains partially protect the region from the influence of dry and hot air masses from the south

Archaeological research demonstrates that Georgia has been involved in commerce with many lands and empires since ancient times, largely due its location on the Black Sea and later on the historical Silk Road. Gold, silver, copper and iron have been mined in the Caucasus Mountains. Georgian wine making is a very old tradition and a key branch of the country’s economy. The country has sizeable hydropower resources, Throughout Georgia’s modern history agriculture and tourism have been principal economic sectors, because of the country’s climate and topography.

Like most native Caucasian peoples, the Georgians do not fit into any of the main ethnic categories of Europe or Asia. The Georgian language, the most pervasive of the Kartvelian languages, is not Indo-European, Turkic, or Semitic. The present day Georgian or Kartvelian nation is thought to have resulted from the fusion of aboriginal, autochthonous inhabitants with immigrants who moved into South Caucasus from the direction of Anatolia in remote antiquity.

  • University of Georgia
  • European University
  • ILIA State University
  • Kutaisi University
  • Ken Walker International University (KWIU)
  • Caucasus International University

Why MBBS from Georgia


    • WHO, UNESCO, ECFMG, MCI, AMEE, AMSE, ISOP, EUPHA  recognized Universities
    • One of Highest Passing Rate in MCI Screening Test (FMGE) in India.
    • No Entrance or Admission test is required
    • No Qualifying Exams in between the course
    • Medium of Instruction is English throughout the course
    • No Donation and No Corruption
    • Highly qualified faculty
    • Dual intake in one academic year summer and spring
    • Georgian Universities follow ECTS pattern and Bologna process
    • Thereby, on passing out from recognized Georgian Medical University, graduates can practice in 28 countries that fall under European Union (provided that the local language of that country is learned)
    • Clinical exposure starts as early as 2nd Semester in 1st year
    • High Quality of Medical Education at affordable cost
    • Under LISBON CONVENTION – Students pursuing education in Georgia can apply for Internship and further studies in 47 countries
    • The program is accredited in accordance with the legislation of Georgia; it complies with modern interna tional standards and is based on world federation of medical education (WFME) standards.
    • The program is semi-integrated and is based on the unification of basic subjects according to anatomical systems and aims to bring students closer to the clinical environment from the first year.
    • The clinical subjects are based on the British model and maximally serve the students to undergo practice with physicians operating in a clinical setting.
    • Student Exchange Programme available
    • Erasmus Plus Programme
    • USMLE training course available
  • Admission Process


    • Passport
    • 10thMark sheet
    • 12th Mark sheet
    • 12th Conduct Certificate
    • 12th Transfer Certificate
    • Birth Certificate (if minor)
    • Identity card of student
    • passport size photos


    • Applying for EQE (Educational Quality Enhancement) Certificate from NCEQE, Georgia.
    • After receiving EQE must apply for Ministry Decree (MES, Georgia)


    • After receiving Ministry Decree University will conduct English Proficiency test to make Batches.


    • Invitation letter
    • MEA Apostle (Delhi)& HRD Attestation (State government) on 10th and 12th Mark sheets
    • Ministry decree
    • Rector Order
    • Acceptance letter
    • Reference letter
    • Accommodation letter
    • Sponsor letter & Notary stamps
    • Travel & Health Insurance
    • Itinerary Flight Ticket


    Sponsorer bank statement of last 6 months with the balance details and the stamp of Bank Manager.


    • After receiving all the above documents, we will apply for Geo Consulate.
    • Filling of Visa application in Geo Consulate Website by uploading all the required documents of student.


    Step 7: SUBMISSION

    • Submission of Visa application in VFS with all the required documents
    • Embassy takes 15-20 working days to make decision on Visa Application.



    • Receiving student in Airport
    • Accommodating in
    • Provide / Process Student Enrollment of Student in University
    • Provide local Sim card
    • Provide Bank Account for student in TBC Bank
    • To give Local Guardianship


  • Student should complete the age of 17 years

  • Students should score 50% in their 12th standard in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

  • Qualifying NEET examination

  • Passport

  • 10th Mark sheet

  • 12th Mark sheet

  • Passport size photograph

  • NEET score card


1) Is Georgia a European Country?

The European Union and Georgia enjoy a very close and positive relationship. The EU is Georgia’s largest trading partner and provides over €100 million to Georgia annually in technical and financial assistance.

2) Is Georgia a safe Country?

Georgia has been ranked the third safest country in the world by global database Number.

3) Which currency does Georgia use?

Georgian Lari is the official currency of Georgia

1GEL=27.50 INR


4) Which language is spoken in Georgia?

GEORGIA Framed as “American Supporting Country” to the world, most commonly speaking language in Georgia is English. 92%population in Georgia speaks English where as limited senior citizens speaks Georgian.

5) Why Georgia is becoming the most preferred destination for Indian Students?
  • Direct Medicine with no National Entrance Test.
  • Georgia bags 6th rank in Doctor’s production across the world.
  • The courses offered by the medical universities in Georgia are both recognized by the Medical council of India and World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Students studying in Georgia can enter in to European Union Countries to complete their Post Graduation/Practice.
  • Having a great option of rerouting to US.
6) What is MBBS Course Duration in Georgia?

In European Education System has total 360 Credits to be Studied for Course of Medicine (MD). The Course Duration is 6 years. The Georgian Ministry of Education has issued a new order which specifies. The new requirements of 60 ECTS credits per year can be found at The website also specifies that the duration of studies must be six years (12 semesters).

7) Are there Indian Students in Georgia?

YES, the students coming from Us, Canada, Australia, Uk, Newzealand, Europe & India

8) Job prospects in Georgia?

The student who has completed his/her MBBS from the Georgia can immediately start practice in any of the Schengen countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland) and other country as well.


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