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With a long history of pioneering higher education, Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities – and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities. European countries, and their universities, are of course all very different – in terms of language, lifestyle and living costs. However, under the Bologna Process, European universities are working to standardize degree systems. For EU students, choosing to study in Europe from India country should be relatively straightforward, with tuition fees charged at local rates and no visa requirements.

Study in Europe countries like Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, France, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Finland, Malta, Latvia, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, Netherlands, etc. we providing service for Student Visa.

There is not one or two or three but plenty of reasons to choose Europe as your study destination, some that are

Scholarships – Universities offer a range of options for scholarships both for bachelor’s and master’s level international students, as the first academic year the scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee. In the following academic years, the scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee if a student earns required credits for the program.

Quality of Education – World class and modern education Cutting edge education (OECD, PISA survey 2006 ‐2012). The most competitive, happiest and wealthy country, Excellent infrastructure and a well functioning society, Trust, Honesty, Equality, Positive attitude.

Affordable Tuition fees – Switzerland prides itself on its high standard of a publicly funded education system that is affordable for both Swiss and non-Swiss students.

Free European Language Courses – In Europe, language classes are provided by many Government organizations for free or it included in regular classes. Duration remains 3-5 hours in a week. It is a part of course curriculum for which exams are conducted and students are awarded a certificate.

Good Job Prospects – Post study work Visa up to 2 years offered to the students to take up a job and gain international exposure after completion of their studies. Europe is home of multinational companies so the job opportunities are at wide range students can get opportunity to work in these multinational companies.

Subsidized Accommodation by Government France is the only country in Europe to offer this benefit. All students are eligible on a case to case basis to apply for assistance and receive subsidy on cost of accommodation from up to 40% to 50% of the rent from the French Government.

No IELTS / TOEFL – IELTS / TOEFL not mandatory for admission but having the same will have a positive impact on Visa outcome.

Schengen Visa – The student gets access to visit all Schengen Countries.

Internship opportunities in MNCs – Most of the courses have inbuilt 4‐6 months internships which may be paid or unpaid. Paid internships may come with a stipend of approx. 500 Euros per month.

English Taught Programmes – Courses taught in English The Universities of Netherlands charges comparatively low tuition fees from international students and offers masters program exclusively taught in English.

Quality of life – Europe is widely recognized as one of the most livable countries in the world. wide range of metrics to identify the world’s most liveable countries, including economic growth, innovation, and cultural heritage, as well as important indicators of individual well being such as community spirit, mental health, and job satisfaction.


Community Colleges

Private Colleges

  • Courses Categories

Arts and Design

Architecture and Construction

Accounting, Finance and Economics

Agriculture and Forestry

Business and Management


Computer and IT



English Language and Linguistics

Environmental Science



Health & Humanities

Hospitality & Tourism

Journalism and Mass Communication


Life Sciences

Mathematics & Statistics


Physical Science

Security Services

Social and Behaviour Science


Transport Services


  • Courses & Duration







PG Diploma/ Diploma





50% and above


6.0 Overall

(Can be waived off)


  • Intakes

In Europe there are generally two intakes

Summer – January/March

Winter – September/October

Some institutions accept applications on a case to case basis.

  • Cost

Estimated cost to be incurred by a student for a year of study in EUROPE. 1€ = Rs.85/-

1Tuition Fees (may varies as per course)75006,37,500
2Accommodation & Living Cost50004,25,000
3Air Fare75063,750
4Visa Fees25021,250
Total Expense to Study1350011,47,500
5Less Earnings through Part time Jobs80006,80,000
Total Expense for EUROPE4,67,500

Sweden – In Sweden you only need a valid student visa to be able to work. Plus there’s no restriction regarding how much you can work, as long as you dedicate at least 40 hours per week to your studies. Wages in Sweden are also more then attractive, the average being 2,200 EURO/ month.

Denmark – Even if it’s part-time work the pay is more then rewarding with the average pay being 14 EURO/hour. That means about 1,000 EURO/month for a part-time job.

France – In France there is a guaranteed minimum salary, which is 9 EURO/gross per hour. For a month of part-time work, you are guaranteed to make at least 750 EURO.

Ireland – You do not need a work permit to work part-time in the Ireland, provided you have a Stamp 2 Permission on your visa. You can work up to 20 hours/week during the school year and full-time during school breaks. The part time salary in Ireland can reach about 750 EURO/ gross/ month.

Finland – In Finland you are allowed to work 25 hours a week during school term and full-time during school breaks without needing a work permit. Salaries for part-time jobs usually start at 450 EURO/month.

Norway – You do not need a work permit for the first year of your studies in Norway. However, after the first year you have to renew it and provide additional documents. Part-time workers earn an average of 3,400 EURO/month.

Poland – One of few countries to have more people in employment than prior to the economic crisis.

Switzerland – it hasn’t stopped EU citizens dashing to this stunning country. With salaries almost double (even triple in some cases) than that of most European countries, an average salary could go up to a staggering  6000 EURO

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