Citizenship By Investment (Canada)

Canada residency and citizenship program is one of the oldest running programs. One may say most programs of the world are inspired by Canada residency by investment.

The program started in 1986 and mainly it was the federal government of Canada that was running the Canada investor visa program, business immigration to Canada, and Canada self–employed program. Canada never offered Canadian citizenship by investment for Indian In 1992 the Quebec government made a treaty with the federal government of Canada to select its own immigrants who are designated to the province of Quebec under the skilled and business class.

In 1998 British Columbia and Manitoba also started their own PNP business immigration program and in the following few years, the rest of the province of Canada had their own Canada residency by investment.

However, all the programs evolved in the last few years only and now all provinces have the same selection process. However, selection criteria are different. The business immigration to Canada application under the provincial program must meet the requirement in each of the factors such as age, education, language, education, business or management experience, net assets of the investor, amount of investment. Job creation in the province, business exploratory trip to the province, business plan and economic benefit to the region and province.

Each applicant under the PNP Canada business immigration must come under two years of temporary resident permits and if the business conditions are fulfilled the applicant and immediate family members can apply for Permanent residency in Canada. Under this program, the applicant must have innovative ideas which must be approved by the government of Canada approved incubation center. This incubation center will provide a letter of support.

  • One of the most valued passports internationally.

  • Free education/medical.

  • Visa free access to 170+ countries including USA, UK, EU.

  • Canada is world’s 2nd best country to live in when it comes to quality of life, economy, culture, etc.

  • If you want peace and quality life in your old age, Canada is world’s 5th best country to get old in, as it has very good pension programs.

  • Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest countries as its economy is the 14th largest economy in the world.

  • It has immense opportunities for the younger generation when it comes to employment.

  • It is one the most peaceful countries in the whole world.

  • Canada is a diverse country when it comes to welcome different cultures.

  • Canada is filled with numerous scenic beauties which are very famous in the world.

  • Canada welcomes immigrants from 175 countries each year.


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